Bay Area Farmers Market’s mission is to support our community’s healthy lifestyle choices by providing our customers with Vendors who bring to the Bay Area Farmers Market quality, locally-produced agricultural foods and locally-made products, using locally-sourced agricultural ingredients when possible, and whose Vendors honestly communicate to the customers their practices, techniques, and ingredients, while also supporting the great State of Texas’ local, small farmers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Farmers Market Produce

Bay Area Farmers Market relies on SMALL-SCALE LOCAL FARMERS to provide SEASONAL PRODUCE to its customers. We do not allow produce that has been purchased from produce distributors (warehouses) to be resold at Bay Area Farmers Market. We feel strongly that the consumer has the right to make informed decisions about the produce they purchase, by talking directly to the farmer or the farmer's knowledgeable employee. Due to many circumstances out of our farmers' control, there are times during the year that they may have little, or even, no produce to bring to the market. We ask for our customers' understanding and patience during those times, and know that with the next season, they'll once again be able to enjoy our small farmers' produce and show their continued support of our Texas farmers!