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Bay Area Farmers Market Vendors

Although we strive for consistency, the list of farmers market vendors can change weekly, and at the last minute. 

Gulf Coast Honey Bee Farms

Honey and Other Honey bee Products

Dane and Pam Beito are local beekeepers who, with the help of their grown children, produce raw honey from their bee yards located ​throughout Harris County, Brazoria County, and Galveston County. They also make amazing and beneficial beeswax candles, lotion bars (beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils), lip cream (beeswax and several other natural ingredients), and packets of the ingredients (pre-measured) to make immune-system boosting Elderberry Syrup at home for your family! Dane & Pam love educating folks about the need for honey bees on our Earth, bees' struggles, as well as the many benefits of raw honey.

Veggies in the Burbs

Produce, Microgreens, Chickens & Eggs

We use aeroponic technology to grow our produce. Aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Because we don't grow in soil, we don't spend time tending to traditional problems that come from growing plants in soil, like worms and bugs or weeds. Instead we focus on rapidly growing more nutritious plants, which have larger greener leaves and richer flavors. This method allows us to rapidly grow nutrient-dense produce without harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides. We are Houstonians who want to give back more than we take from our community. By using 90% less water and 90% less land than conventional growing, we provide delicious natural foods for you.

Whispering Roots Apothecary

Herbal Teas and Salves

Whispering Roots is an Apothecary of health and wellness. Our products are handcrafted with Love & Intention, made with organically grown & sustainably wildcrafted herbs with additional organic/non-gmo ingredients. We offer herbal teas, herbal remedies & herb-based skincare to support Mind, Body & Spiritual wellness. Cynnara Wodecki, owner and clinically trained herbalist, is dedicated to bringing herbal awareness to the local community through education of our plant kingdom and providing Esoteric tools for overall well-being.

Please follow us on Instagram @WhisperingRoots

Or FB @WhisperingRootsApothecary

Lather Me Up

Soap and Other Natural Skin Products

Karen Trekell is Lather Me Up's soap master and creates all of its handmade soaps with natural vegetable oils, such as Texas olive oil & coconut oil. While some are made with goat milk, some are made without as well.

Lather Me Up also makes luxurious, moisturizing lip balms, bath fizzy bombs, and essential oil bath salts.  They also make all natural deodorant, using essential oils and without aluminum or chemicals added. Let Lather Me Up help you pick out your favorite natural body products! 

Bob's Salsa

Pickles & Salsa

Vendor Profile Coming Soon!

Brenham Kitchens

Nuts, Dried Fruit, Sauces and Jellies

We’re Brenham Kitchens, a family-run gourmet food brand since 2013. From our headquarters in Brenham—known for being the birthplace of Texas—we make over 25 varieties of original, flavorful salsas, pepper jellies, nut & fruit blends, and much more.

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters is family owned and operated by Melvis, Diane and their daughter Stephanie. We are YOUR local coffee roaster located in Old Seabrook. Melvis uses his culinary background to blend the perfect combination of Fair Trade, Natural Process, and Organic beans from around the world. Weekly roasting in small batches ensures proper consistency of our beans, bringing the freshest coffee available to you. One of our most popular coffees is our NOLA style Chicory French Roast, "Electric Voodoo". People LOVE this coffee cold brewed, and you can pick up your Cold "Brewski" Kit from us, to do just that. Bold to light. Hot or cold. We know you will LOVE our coffee and want to make every day a DAMN FINE DAY.

Gold Crown Bakery

Authentic Danish and Keto Baked Goods

Vendor Profile Coming Soon!

Quick-N-Ezee Indian Food

Prepared and Packaged Indian Food

Vendor Profile Coming Soon!

P​lant It Forward

Seasonal Produce


Farmer Constant is a Master Farmer with Plant It Forward, Houston's largest network of urban farms. Plant It Forward grows a wide variety of fresh produce year-round using strictly sustainable methods. Plant It Forward is your source for the freshest produce in Houston, growing grocery-store staples as well as delectable crops from around the world. Come meet Farmer Constant and reap the benefits of his hard work!

Yomna's Yummies

French Macarons, Baklava, and Cupcakes

Vendor Profile Coming Soon! 

Sonyola Granola

Granola and Trail Mix

Changing the way you think about granola, one bite at a time! (Made with NO flour!)

The Mushroom Factory

Culinary Mushrooms, Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, and Quail Eggs

Mae Perfumery

Hand-crafted Natural Perfume

Mae Perfumery believes that perfumes should be healthy for your skin. We are all about quality and uniqueness, because we know the health of your skin is very important, not only to you, but to us at Mae Perfumery. We believe once you smell our fragrances, it will all makes scents! Stop by and visit our booth or follow us on Instagram and Facebook:

@ Mae Perfumery and let us find a perfume for you!

Light. Love. Peace. Prosperity 

Kettle Corn King

Fresh-squeezed Lemonade

Family-owned, Family-run Lemonade and Kettle Corn business

KT Beauty Boom

Hand-crafted, Plant-based Hair Products

KT Beauty Boom is an all-natural hair growth and skincare line. We only have one mission at KT Beauty Boom and that is to help you restore the healthiest head of hair and glowing skin mother nature's way. We handpicked the best oils to stimulate hair growth at all three levels of the hair shaft sourced from 10 different countries.

Le Mari Caribbean Pastres

Pastries with True Caribbean Flavors

Fresh, natural pastries using typical Caribbean flavors such as real coconut, pinapple, and ginger.

Stitches, Strokes and More

Handmade Face Masks

Botanical Journey



They're back from their journey and they will be bringing cactus, potted plants, seedlings, and more!

Winter Family Farm

Seasonal Produce and Citrus

Family Farm in Santa Fe, Texas

Day Cocina


Non Sugar, Non Dairy, No Soy, No Grain, Gluten Free

Profile Coming Soon

Clawtel Ranch

Jumbo Gulf Shrimp, Pickled Jalapenos, Fresh Jalapenos

Profile Coming Soon


All-Natural Freeze-dried Pet Treats

We are a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing an assortment of healthy and delicious pet treats. We believe that the right treat needn’t be either a guilt trip or a rare occurrence, which is why we only use ethically sourced raw ingredients. Our freeze-dried treats offer more than their fair share of ‘flavor joy’ being made from premium hand-picked meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. You will never see additives, preservatives or grim artificial nasties, what you see is what you get! Just one ingredient.

We chose the process of freeze-drying to ensure your beloved pets are getting the healthiest and most satisfying treats available.

 Freeze drying removes all moisture and preserves food without shrinking or becoming too tough like other drying methods. It allows us to make nutrient-dense treats without losing the color and flavor.

From my family’s love for all pets big & small we wanted to provide them with the best possible food and started making our own treats. We found our 4 legged family members loved their new treats so much that we wanted to share the love, and so 4Petsake was born.

◦ “Pets are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Hella Pressed Juice

Cold Pressed Juices

We are California Natives who are all about health and wellness! I am a Respiratory Therapist, Entrepreneur and Army Veteran. My husband is a fitness trainer, has a Bachelors in Exercise Science and currently in the Texas Air Guard. We are both extremely motivated about fitness and staying healthy. In this time we are all going through some form of stress. It is tough to maintain a healthy balance. As a mom of two, I know all too well how tough it is to get your daily vitamins, veggies, and fruits. We both just want to help everyone stay healthy and enjoy a delicious drink while doing it! We appreciate all of your support and we want to continue to grow and give great products!

Thank You

Bianca & Brian

Sadie's Select

Premium Raw Dog Food

In July of 2015, I first brought my 8 week old Sadie home and I knew she was my pal for life! Because of the food allergies that are common in Sadie's breed, I was concerned about providing quality food for her. Although we purchased high dollar food for Sadie, we noticed that she was losing fur and had bad skin reactions. As we tried different "high quality" brands, without improvement in Sadie's condition, we learned of the benefits of a raw food diet. After consulting with our amazing veterinarian, we began preparing Sadie's raw meat diet and enjoyed seeing Sadie's conditions disappear. Two years and two more dogs later, after watching a documentary about the dog food industry, we knew that not only did our fur babies need quality food, the whole dog community needed it too... and so, Sadie's Select was created!

What's Crackalackin

Seasoned Pork Rinds and Cracklins

Our Pork Rinds and Cracklins are cooked fresh weekly and comes seasoned with our original Cajun-Asian recipe. It is available in 4 different heat levels and our spices are freshly ground in house.

-Chef P 

Galveston Bread

Variety of Bread & Other Baked Goods

Galveston Bread is steeped in tradition, with many years of experience. We bake breads & sweets for all occasions using only the finest organic flour.

Erbe Ranch

Grass-fed Beef and Pork

Erbe Ranch is a family owned and operated farm in Cat Spring, Texas. We raise grass-fed beef, pastured poultry and pastured pork.

3rd Coast Kombucha


3rd Coast Kombucha is your source for real kombucha in its unadulterated and most concentrated form. Through closely developed relationships with local farmers, 3rd Coast Kombucha sources seasonal, organic and sustainably-grown produce for its infusions and uses only the highest grade loose leaf teas. To ensure freshness, 3rd Coast Kombucha hand-bottles every ounce it sells

My Sweet Caboose

Keto baked goods, candies, and other goodies

I am a wife & mom of 3 boys, with a passion for creating happiness and spreading love through my delicious kitchen creations!

Nannie's Sweet Treats

Pralines, Cookies, Cupcakes, Brownies, and other Sweet Treats

In the past, Ms. Cheryl has always enjoyed baking for family, friends and even special occasion catering. Ms. Cheryl has now decided to take her baking to the next level - "The Bay Area Community"!


(Caribbean) Jerk Sauce

TasteNC Jerk marinate seasonings are excellent style of slow roasting, smoking or cooking for that surprise guest, your vegetables, meats and seafoods will be “GOOD TO THE LAST BITE”

Houston Winery

Local Wine

Houston Winery is a micro winery making fine Texas wines in the heart of Houston. Award winning wines include Texas High Plains Viognier, Roussanne and Petit Verdot, Texas Roughneck Red, Norton, and our Houstonian Port.

GrandE Tamales

Hand Crafted Tamales and Fresh Baked Flan 

GrandE Tamales, LLC is a family owned business offering hand crafted tamales with authentic Mexican flavor.

Katerra Exotics

Grass-fed, Pasture-raised Bison, Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Farm Eggs 

Katerra Exotics produces pasture-raised bison and other grass-fed meats. Even though bison is native to America, it is still commonly considered an exotic meat. The Bierschwale family has been active in the buffalo industry since 1980 when Patrick’s grandfather, Roy, acquired his first herd on his Texas ranch. Today, Patrick and his father, Pat, operate two ranches. The original ranch is located in the Frio Canyon just outside of Leakey, TX. This is where the main production herd is located. Our newest ranch is located in the heart of the Katy prairie. Our family lives full time on this ranch with the bison and other animals. Each year, weaned calves from Leakey are brought to the Katy ranch where they can graze on the rich prairie grasses for a couple of years. Our animals are harvested at the prime meat producing age of 2-3 years. Our objective is to keep animal stress level low and work them as little as possible by allowing them to graze freely in the fields. Keeping the animal calm produces a far superior cut of meat. We care about the health of our animals and our customers. Our bison are never given growth hormones or antibiotics and our pastures are never treated with fertilizers or pesticides. 

My Spicy Hot Wife Pepper Jelly and Jam

Variety of Flavorful, Spicy Jelly and Jam

Profile coming soon!


Socks Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

Treat Your Feet. Save the Ocean.

Swaggr manufactures athletic socks made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles. Every aspect of our business has been strategically designed for sustainablity, from how the socks are manufactured to the packaging that you receive them in. By 2050, it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Our mission is to reduce the plastic in the ocean and save marine life by manufacturing incredibly comfortable socks made from recycled plastic bottles.

~ Katy & David Katz, Founders

The Bagel Shop Bakery

New York Style Bagels and Handcrafted Cream Cheese

Profile Coming Soon!

Rio Rambler 

Hot Sauce

Handcrafted Small Batch Hot Sauce and Spices

Rio Rambler Hot Sauce started as a passion project in 2017. Quickly embraced by lovers of spice and all things tasty, Rio Rambler began handcrafting small-batch hot sauces and dried spices right from our kitchen in Alvin, Texas.

Our fermentation-based hot sauces blend together unique flavor combinations with depth and complexity. We strive to reduce waste and dehydrate the spent pepper mash to create our own dry spices mixes.

Come by and check out our staple hot sauces as well as our rotating selection of limited-edition sauces!

Berry Classy by Crystal

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Profile Coming Soon!

Gelu Italian Ice

Refreshing Italian Ice

Gelu Italian Ice was founded in Grand Junction Colorado in 2013. Recently they moved to Houston to expand their brand - and to enjoy the WARM weather!!

Their ices are naturally dairy free, gluten free and cholesterol free. They use real fruit in their recipes whenever possible. Their products are different from snow cones or ice cream - they are more like a sorbet - refreshing and bursting with flavor all the way through!

Robin's Gourmet Smoked Meats

Smoked Salmon

I have been smoking salmon for friends and family over the years and they would say "This is fantastic!" and "You should go in business!" Well, thank you, and now I have. This smoked salmon is way better than what you get at the grocery store. It is a hit at Christmas parties or for breakfast/lunch on a bagel or english muffin. One taste and you'll be sold.

6G Heritage Farm 

Fresh-grown, fresh-cut Flowers


Profile Coming Soon!

Cake & Bacon 

Fresh Artisan Bread and Pastries

Profile Coming Soon!

Lakonia Imports 

100% Pure Greek Olive Oil

MALVA was founded in 1998 in the robust countryside of Agios Nikolaos, Monemvasia in the Lakonia region of Greece and today, their award-winning olives are pressed into some of the most sought after extra virgin olive oil in the world. These oils are imported to America by none other than Lakonia Imports.

Dedicated to continuing the family tradition of providing the precious “golden liquid” known as extra virgin olive oil to the world, Peter Marules founded Lakonia Imports as a premier food procurement company and purveyor of culinary excellence in 2018.

Peter Marules of Lakonia Imports, in partnership with his cousin Nikos Maroulakos’s company MALVA Olives & Olive Oil, strives to bring a little piece of Greek culture and heritage to the great state of Texas and beyond!

Happy Earth Compost 

Houston's First Curbside Compost Service

Ponderosa Blooms 

Flower Studio

Lovely flower bouquets, arrangements, and potted plants, as well as other creative gift ideas.

School of Rock - Clear Lake

Guest Vendor